Our Story

This is who we are

Our commitment to excellence has been highly applauded by clients that we have served since 2007 when MpeteM General Trading was first registered. We adhere to corporate social responsibility and black economic empowerment.

The Pest Control Police, a subsidiary of MpeteM General Trading, has solved many pest problems of government institutions, private companies, and individual clients who requested our service. The company is 100% black-owned and ventured into the agricultural sector to help contribute to the market where black people work. More references and some work we've done is on our social media pages on how we arrest, as we prefer to call it, pests by using pesticides. In the future, we plan on using environmentally safe means of eradicating harmful pests in your area.

Don't hesitate to write to us and share your views about The Pest Control Police and how you'd like us to help you. No job is too big for us, we try our level best to help issues, and not cause harm.

Some Of Our Services

But not limited to

Structual Pest Control

Dealing with all pests that rely heavily on structures to feed, live and grow their offspring


Purifying and disinfecting germs and viruses that could be troublesome to human hygiene.

Soil Poisoning

Damaging the entire block of soil in order not to be useful again for planting or growth of weed. It is mostly used when killing off the richness that could make it grow grass again. Mostly is used before any construction of buildings in order to make the ground beneath to be ready for any subterranean termites that are capable of destroying the building down.


Little eusocial insects that fall in the family ants, but operate in blocks and groups, feasting on wood and hard building structures. They like the moisture within the structure where there's dry wood and they stay underneath the house where they would hide while causing the whole mess.

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